Academics Write

Academics Write helps doctoral and post-doctoral researchers find the time, calm, energy, and emotional space to write their dissertations, academic articles, grant applications, and book manuscripts. 

Dissertation is usually a turning point in our academic lives. We spend years to achieve it, but what comes after is mysterious to many of us. We write job applications and dissertations at the same time. Then we move into a life of even more juggling: We start a new project while turning the dissertation into a book manuscript.  All the while, we are expected to publish academic articles from both projects.

Academics Write comes in handy at this point! I work with you to turn these tasks into manageable timelines by taking into account your priorities, life conditions, and academic plans. Additionally, I work as a developmental editor to support you in your text production and publication. 

Through Academics Write I offer:

I look forward to working with you!

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