As an editor, Armanc is very good at engaging with the author and understanding their intentions. He is very gifted in grasping a sense of the potential directions a project may take, and collaborate with you. Armanc helps you in deciding which (structural and methodological) direction to take, and most importantly, in finding a simple and clear path to proceed in that direction. Early drafts are always chaotic and full of confusion. Armanc assists the author to find one's own voice and the most suitable structure for the project, to clear the confusion. Armanc supports and collaborates with the author with a very sincere, genuine attitude. It has been a real gift for me to have Armanc's assistance in my own projects.

- E., Postdoctoral Researcher in Sociocultural Anthropology

Having Armanc as a writing coach changed my relationship with my dissertation and project. It brought me a whole new set of tools to create an understanding that writing is not necessarily an act of producing but a space of conversation with my thoughts. Writing is and will be a part of my life and I am happy to be learning with Armanc that it doesn’t have to be a solitary and stressful act.

- D., Ph.D. Candidate in Sociocultural Anthropology

“Armanc is a true facilitator of writing and reflection spaces! I have participated in his daily online writing sessions for over a year and deeply enjoy the collaborative atmosphere that lightens the thesis writing process. Armanc creates spaces to write freely and at your own pace, guided by his passion for writing and editing and encouraged by his cheering and advice.”

- H., Postdoctoral Researcher in Sociology

“Armanc is a great co-working colleague and facilitator of the daily online co-working sessions. The online space has been critical for me as a Ph.D. researcher in my final stage of writing. It has helped me structure my day around writing time, maintain consistency, set daily intentions for writing, and have a supportive community that encourages and understands the process as a constant and slow commitment. It has also created a sense of accountability in what can sometimes be a very lonely journey! Armanc has a positive, calming energy, and is very friendly and encouraging. I highly recommend him as a coach, especially for those struggling with the daily challenges of writing.”

- Y., Ph.D. Candidate in Development Studies

“Joining Armanc's Online Writing Group on a daily basis has brought structure, focus, and joy to my writing practice. Not only has he provided useful tips and recommendations that helped me cope with the challenges of the craft of academic writing, more than that, his gentle and empathic presence makes everyone feel at ease and creates an authentic and supportive atmosphere. Thank you, Armanc, for making writing a delight!”

- A., Postdoctoral Researcher in History

During my postdoctoral transition during the COVID lockdown, Armanc has been an amazing help and a thoughtful guide with my challenges in writing. I am grateful for his coaching skills, which made me aware of my writing habits and helped me to become a more accountable and reliable writer. More importantly, Armanc showed me smarter ways of writing as he made me realize how I am making writing harder for myself than it really is.

- E., Postdoctoral Researcher in Sociology